Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Key Duplication in Queens

Doors keep us safe. Locks improve the sturdiness of the door. And a lock is incomplete without a key to open it. Keys are so vital that you will be hard pressed to find a door without a lock. Keys grant us access into all that we hold dear: whether it be your home, office, or vehicle. As such, it's important that you are never locked out. Key duplication in Queens is almost as important as having an individual key in the first place. More than backup, these keys are your peace of mind.

At Safehouse Locksmith Shop, we assist homeowners and commercial property owners with key duplication in Queens. Our prompt and affordable key duplication services give you the spare key you need for your home, office, or car. Having a spare key is essential in cases where you've accidentally locked yourself out (unless the spare shared the same key ring), instantly relieving an otherwise stressful experience and keeping you on your routine. 

We offer top of the line duplication services for all of your important keys. This includes older, skeleton type keys and even modern, electronic keys. We can create copies of these keys so identical to the first that you would hardly tell the difference between the two, or we can craft the duplicate in such a way that you know what is the original and what isn't.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons our customers come to us is for custom keys. Maybe you have an important image you want to print onto the key. Your child's face, perhaps? Or maybe you want to separate each key with an image of the building or door it opens. Or, maybe you are more traditional and simply want a color-coded system. Either way, we can help craft keys in line with even the craziest of visions. But of course, a key is not a key unless it opens the door you intend. And that's where we excel.

We feature key duplication for the following:

Give yourself a little peace of mind with key duplication in Queens. You can save the extra key in your wallet, dashboard, under a stone somewhere near your house, or in the drawer of your office. No matter what you need to open and where you want to save it, we have a solution. And we promise to never leave you locked out in the cold.

We offer key duplication in Queens to all communities, including:
For more information about our affordable key duplication in Queens, call Safehouse Locksmith Shop at (718) 464-5246.

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